Bitcoin's network is 525 times more powerful than Google. How will blockchain change your industry?

Brexit is an inflection point for the future of Europe. How will your firm adapt?

From Moscow to Riyadh, energy and politics are intertwined. Connect the dots to grow your investments.

By 2020, there will be more than 20 billion connected devices online. Make the Internet of Things work for you.

The EU has 9,000 tariff lines. CETA has made 98% of them duty free. How will you take advantage?

Our vision

Strategic insights for a changing world

In a period of unprecedented technological change, economic uncertainty, and political challenges, Spitzberg Partners leverages its unique background and expertise to create value and deliver political, business, and regulatory insights for our clients.

The private sector, governments, NGOs, and the broader public are all seeking to define their strategies, business models, and responsibilities in this new era.

Companies need to anticipate and respond to geopolitical, cross-cultural, as well as international regulatory drivers of change to successfully navigate an increasingly competitive and complex global marketplace.

What we do

We Provide Strategic Counsel & Investment Insights

Spitzberg Partners is a corporate advisory and investment firm that provides strategic counsel on international political, economic, technology, and security matters.

Headquartered in New York, with a strong perspective in transatlantic and emerging markets, we combine top-level political leadership experience with a nuanced understanding of today’s challenges to support the international growth and business development efforts of innovative companies across industry verticals.

The venture arm of Spitzberg Partners also provides funding for select start-up and growth-stage companies in the technology sector.


Unique top-level political leadership experience

Spitzberg Partners works with a wide range of clients, from innovative start-ups to major corporate players and other marquee institutions. We have built our company around three core assets to help our clients succeed in the global marketplace.